BONUS call: Military Retirement Planning

After a career in the military, and an amazing job of saving for retirement, how does one plan for a return to civilian life? That was the question from Jeannine in Washington who wants to make sure she has all her ducks in a row as her husband plans to retire from the Army.

100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask

Home ownership has always been considered an essential part of the American Dream. And while it may be getting harder to accomplish—especially for the millennials—it’s still pretty high on the list of goals.

BONUS call: Investment Property

If there’s a piece of property in the family that’s on the market, would it make sense to buy it and keep in the family as an investment property?

BONUS call: Saving for House

If you’re determined to buy your first house, should the priority be saving for retirement or saving for the down payment?

Ep. 057 – Universal Basic Income with Rutger Bregman and Roth IRA

Despite the fact that we are nearing the ninth year of a global economic recovery, poverty remains a problem. In the United States alone, recent numbers from the Census Bureau show the rate to be just under 13% with more than 40 million people considered to be living in poverty.