BONUS call 003

This week on the BONUS call we talk to Karen from Kentucky who was wondering about an annuity.

BONUS call 002

For the BONUS call this week we chatted with Brian from Seattle who plans on leaving his Roth IRA to his two kids.

Ep. 007 – Fiduciary Rule with Jon Stein

A couple weeks ago, we devoted the entire interview portion of the podcast to the hotly debated Department of Labor fiduciary rule, which was set to begin implementation on April 10.

BONUS call 001

On this week’s BONUS call we talk about navigating the tricky world of student loans with Ashley.

Ep. 006 – Kids and Financial Literacy with Beth Kobliner

You will often hear me say that before you worry about the financial future of your kids, you need to make sure you’re taking care of yourself first. But that doesn’t take you off the hook for discussing money with your kids.