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Ep. 022 – Option B with Adam Grant

June 1, 2017Episodes

By now you may have seen or heard an interview with Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg discussing her recently released new book, Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy....

BONUS call 014

May 23, 2017Bonus Calls, Episodes

Nowadays it's a common occurrence to change jobs every few years, if not every few months. That means at some point you're going to have at least one, likely more, retirement accounts from past jobs....

BONUS call 013

May 16, 2017Bonus Calls, Episodes

Today on the BONUS call we're chatting with Doug in Miami who initially called to ask about an old 401(k) plan and what he should do with it. As you'll hear, the call quickly turned into Doug, 35 years old, wanting to retire at 50....

BONUS call 008

April 4, 2017Bonus Calls, Episodes

Are you retired? Retiring soon? Perhaps are younger and wondering if you'll have enough money when the time comes? That's what the latest BONUS call with Alison from California is all about....

BONUS call 007

March 28, 2017Bonus Calls, Episodes

This week on the BONUS call we talked to Brian from Seattle who was wondering if he should still be paying for disability insurance. Insurance questions are always tricky and very specific so there's no standard answer....

Teaser Episode

December 27, 2016Episodes

Get ready for informative, entertaining, and sometimes unconventional insights on your money and life. In the teaser episode, Jill shares what the show is all about. Subscribe now—first episode launches Thursday, January 5th....