Ep.85 – Insurance 101 with Policygenius

I love people and organizations who take complex financial issues and make them easier for the user.

Few things are more complex than the insurance industry. And few organizations have managed to make it easy for the user to navigate the insurance landscape.

One such organization is Policygenius, a website that offers users an easy way to compare and buy various products such as life, auto, disability, and homeowners policies.

Today we’re lucky enough to be joined by Jennifer Fitzgerald, the founder and CEO of Policygenius.

For Fitzgerald, the business started with a simple question…”Why is buying insurance such a frustrating experience?”

As consultants to the top insurance companies, Fitzgerald and her partner suspected that this consumer problem was behind a lot of things they observed. It’s why life insurance ownership is at a 50-year low. It’s why health and disability under-insurance is behind most personal bankruptcies and home foreclosures. And it’s why they started Policygenius.

Their mission is simple: “To get people the insurance coverage they need and make them feel good about it.”

That means they thoughtfully built their business for every type of insurance consumer who may come their way:

  • Detail-oriented? They building the best insurance content library out there
  • More of a big picture person? Their Insurance Checkup is the best (and only) big picture tool around
  • Convenience shopper? They’re building a one-stop shop. If you need life insurance and pet insurance, you shouldn’t have to go to a bunch of different sites.
  • Skeptic? They’re an independent site and not affiliated with any insurers. They’ll provide you with choice and the information you need to make the right decision.

It’s a rare treat to be joined by somebody who is truly excited about the insurance industry!

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