Ep.78 – Annuities and Three Questions You Should Ask

We may need to create a subcategory called “Personal Finance 101” for those episodes we have that deal with the financial services industry in general.

Today, my old pal Gary Schatsky is in the house to talk about the industry, the state of fiduciary and one of the most oversold/misunderstood products, annuities. Gary is a practicing financial advisor who was way ahead of his time by championing comprehensive fee-only services for individuals, which at the time was almost unheard of.

As the founder of ObjectiveAdvice.com, Gary and his team share a simple, three-pronged professional philosophy approach:

  • TRUST – Whether you’re saving for college or retirement, Gary and his team believe in confidence and peace of mind, and that trust is the bedrock of all client relationships.
  • COMPETENCE – Being able to utilize years of technical expertise, investment experience, and ongoing training to offer realistic financial solutions for all areas, such as investment, tax, estate, retirement and insurance planning.
  • OBJECTIVITY – In order to avoid conflicts of interest in product sales, Gary and his team refuse any commissions or other compensation from client transactions based on their recommendations.

Trust, competence, objectivity…that’s basically what this conversation was all about as we jumped into various topics including annuities and everything you need to know before purchasing one, FINRA, and the always popular topic of what it means to uphold the fiduciary standard.

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