Ep.77 – #PaidOff with Michael Torpey

The student loan picture in this country is not a pretty one. According to the Federal Reserve, over half of young adults who went to college took on some debt. It’s so bad that outstanding student loans have topped $1.4 trillion!

To address the problem, we’re going to have a bit of fun as we try and find some sorta way to ease the burden on those students.

That’s why today we’re chatting with actor Michael Torpey, best known for his work on Orange is the New Black, Red Oaks and Sneaky Pete.

The student loan crisis has become so massive, that Torpey is trying to solve it in a unique way – a comedy game show. Paid Off with Michael Torpey gives three lucky college grads – all saddled with student debt – the chance to test the depth of their degrees with fun, fast-paced trivia questions. In the end, one lucky winner wins the chance to have their student debt paid off.

I love it! Such a brilliant way to help some lucky students start life in the real world without a several thousand dollar gorilla on their shoulders.

And what was perhaps most interesting was to hear the backstory that led to Michael creating the show. And no, he didn’t have any student loans of his own…

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