Ep. 054 – Gaining an Edge on Your Career and Life

It’s 2018 and that means that many of you have gotten on the resolution bandwagon. The most common ones are to exercise more/eat less; save more/spend less; and of course one of our favorites: SLEEP MORE!


BONUS call 047

The age-old question of whether it makes sense to pay off your mortgage…it never goes away. I understand that you want to be debt free, but keep in mind that there is such a thing as good debt.

Ep. 053 – Eight Financial Resolutions for 2018

A colleague recently asked me how he might be able to finally stick to a budget. For years, he had tried to create and adhere to a specific annual spending plan, only to blow a hole through it at some point during the year.

BONUS call 046

Raise your hand if you know what SIPC stands for? That’s what I thought 🙂 Thanks to Jim, our first BONUS caller of 2018, you’re all going to get educated a bit!


BONUS call 045

Welcome to the post-Christmas edition of the BONUS call! Only in his early 50s, Jeff from Georgia already has well over a million dollars and wanted to run his longterm game plan by us. Is this a good time to try some market timing??

Ep. 051 – Tax Reform and What it Means for You

This week we’re doing something a bit different. No guest! Just me diving deep and offering up my two cents on the GOP’s plan to remake the tax system for the first time in over three decades.


BONUS call 044

If you ever take a look at the investments in your retirement plan chances are you’ll see a bunch of target-date fund options. Sometimes people think they’re the best option…kind of like one stop shopping. And sometimes they are. But sometimes they aren’t, which is what Suzen from Chicago found out on the latest BONUS call.

BONUS call 043

This week on the BONUS call it’s the age-old question about big city living…should I buy or keep on renting?