BONUS call 024

Up until now everything David has saved has been 100% invested in stocks. Now that he’s in his 30s is it time to start diversifying?

BONUS call 023

Brian and his wife have lived overseas for a while and in the process built up a nest egg of about 600k. Now back in the States they have to find a house and are wondering how to do it without blowing through all the money they’ve accumulated.

BONUS Call 022

Remember folks, there are certain things that need to be happening before you’re ready to take the next step. This call will help walk you through the process.

BONUS call 021

It’s so great and satisfying when we’re able to expose people to the world of finance through the podcast.

BONUS call 020

This week on the BONUS call I had to pick a side. I was either going to side with our caller, Dustin from Minnesota, or his wife. Only in their 30s, these guys are in great shape. They already have a good nest egg going and are able to save a solid amount each year.

BONUS call 019

We love starting them young on Better Off, and that’s certainly the case with Kevin from Maryland, our latest BONUS call.

BONUS call 018

You know, life isn’t always as we plan it…it’s not always a simple, straight line.

BONUS call 017

Summer is just about upon us which means all those hardworking teachers out there will get a well deserved break.

BONUS call 016

This week on the BONUS call we’re talking to Chris from Florida who recently inherited 30k from his grandmother.

BONUS call 015

This week on the BONUS call we’re going to the Pacific Northwest where we found Chris from Spokane, Washington.