BONUS call 018

You know, life isn’t always as we plan it…it’s not always a simple, straight line.

BONUS call 017

Summer is just about upon us which means all those hardworking teachers out there will get a well deserved break.

BONUS call 016

This week on the BONUS call we’re talking to Chris from Florida who recently inherited 30k from his grandmother.

BONUS call 015

This week on the BONUS call we’re going to the Pacific Northwest where we found Chris from Spokane, Washington.

BONUS call 014

Nowadays it’s a common occurrence to change jobs every few years, if not every few months. That means at some point you’re going to have at least one, likely more, retirement accounts from past jobs.

BONUS call 013

Today on the BONUS call we’re chatting with Doug in Miami who initially called to ask about an old 401(k) plan and what he should do with it. As you’ll hear, the call quickly turned into Doug, 35 years old, wanting to retire at 50.

BONUS call 012

On the BONUS call this week we talked to John from Houston who had some questions about reducing his tax liability once retirement rolls around

BONUS call 011

You’re getting ready to buy a new home and have the cash to purchase it outright…should you?

BONUS call 010

This week on the BONUS call we once again chatted student loans with Andrea from New York City

BONUS call 009

We like to keep investing as simple as possible on the Better Off podcast. It’s really not rocket science