BONUS call 007

This week on the BONUS call we talked to Brian from Seattle who was wondering if he should still be paying for disability insurance. Insurance questions are always tricky and very specific so there’s no standard answer.

BONUS call 006

Do you have a financial advisor? Are you looking for one? Do you know how much you’re paying this person?

BONUS call 005

On the latest BONUS call we talk to Kevin from California.

BONUS call 004

This week on the BONUS call we do retirement planning with Barry from Pennsylvania.

BONUS call 003

This week on the BONUS call we talk to Karen from Kentucky who was wondering about an annuity.

BONUS call 002

For the BONUS call this week we chatted with Brian from Seattle who plans on leaving his Roth IRA to his two kids.

BONUS call 001

On this week’s BONUS call we talk about navigating the tricky world of student loans with Ashley.