BONUS call: Student Loan Debt

Should you use your emergency reserve to tackle your student loan debt? That’s what Kristin from Florida was wondering on the latest BONUS call.



BONUS call: Roth IRA Conversion

Another week, another BONUS call where we’re once again discussing the benefits of using a Roth retirement vehicle. Today’s question comes from Marshall (and his daughter) in Virginia.


BONUS call: Social Investing

I’ve been taking listener calls for nearly eight years and I think this is the first social investing question we’ve received. How can you make sure you’re not investing in companies that you don’t support, such as gun manufacturers?

BONUS call: 401(k) vs Roth 401(k)

In what is quickly becoming one of the most common questions we get, today we’re discussing the Roth 401(k) option now being offered by many employers. Should you use it if available? Have a finance related question? Go to for all the contact info and we’ll arrange to get you on.


BONUS call: Military Retirement Planning

After a career in the military, and an amazing job of saving for retirement, how does one plan for a return to civilian life? That was the question from Jeannine in Washington who wants to make sure she has all her ducks in a row as her husband plans to retire from the Army.

BONUS call: Investment Property

If there’s a piece of property in the family that’s on the market, would it make sense to buy it and keep in the family as an investment property?

BONUS call: Saving for House

If you’re determined to buy your first house, should the priority be saving for retirement or saving for the down payment?

BONUS call: Retirement Planning

You’re maxing out your 401(k) plan. You own a rental property that generates more than 2k each month. You have 150k in cash that’s just sitting in the bank. You’re only 36 years old. What should you do next?

BONUS call 049: Windfall Tax

Emili in Dallas, our BONUS call this week, is one of the lucky ones as she and her husband will soon be coming into a large chunk of money. But with that money comes a tax bill, something Emili wants to make sure she’s properly prepared for, hence the call to us!

BONUS call 048

Bitcoin was all the rage at the end of 2017 and it’s showing no signs of letting up in 2018, so it’s appropriate that we have our first cryptocurrency BONUS call from Steve in Georgia.