Bonus Call: Backdoor Roth IRA

If you make too much money and are not able to contribute to a Roth IRA, I’m all for implementing the backdoor conversion strategy.

Bonus Call: Post-Tax Retirement Savings

If it’s offered, should you be making post-tax contributions to your retirement plan? As you’ll hear on the latest BONUS call with Chelsea from North Carolina, it kinda depends on your situation.

Bonus Call: Planning for Early Retirement

It’s always so encouraging when we get calls from younger people who are already dreaming about early retirement. That’s the case on the latest BONUS call with Ronny from Connecticut who is just out of school and already thinking about hanging on the beach. While it’s encouraging, I’m also not sure how realistic it is. You’ll hear what I mean when you listen.


BONUS call: Is Our Advisor Screwing Us?

Okay, so here’s the scenario…you’re pretty certain your mom is getting screwed by her advisor…yet she doesn’t want to hear your concerns. What do you do? How do you have the talk? Can she be convinced? That’s the dilemma facing Diane from Indiana on the latest BONUS call.


BONUS call: Student Loan Debt

Help! I’m drowning in debt thanks to high interest student loans. My mom has the money to help. Is it worth having a conversation? That’s the dilemma facing Megan from North Carolina on the latest BONUS call.


BONUS call: Early Retirement

The subject of early retirement is quickly becoming one of the most common questions we receive. The latest one comes from Mitch in California. Can he do it? Or will he have to bite the bullet and keep working?





BONUS call: Can I Retire Early?

The idea of retiring early always sounds amazing, but there’s a big time risk of calling it quits and having to dip into your nest egg too early in the game. That’s the discussion we had with Lee from Germany.




BONUS call: Student Loan Debt

Should you use your emergency reserve to tackle your student loan debt? That’s what Kristin from Florida was wondering on the latest BONUS call.