Bonus Call: Paying Off Student Loans

We’re officially winding things down for the year, which means this week we’re going to give you a couple of our more memorable calls from 2018.

Bonus Call: When to Sell Real Estate

Is there ever a perfect time to sell real estate? Is there such a thing as trying to time the market? That’s the conversation on the latest bonus call with Gretchen from North Carolina.

Bonus Call: A Real Estate Dilemma

You own a condo and it’s paid off, but the condo association fees are really starting to annoy you. Should you ditch the condo and buy a house? That’s the dilemma facing Kristen from Portland, Oregon.

Bonus Call: My Old Retirement Plan

You started a new job but still have a 401(k) with the old employer. What should you do with it? Roll it into the new plan? Leave it where it is? Roll it into a rollover IRA? That’s what we’re discussing on the latest bonus call with Molly.

Bonus Call: How to Find an Advisor

Finding a financial advisor is never easy. It’s hard to find somebody you feel totally comfortable with, especially when it comes to your finances. That’s what we’re discussing on the latest bonus call with Frances from New England.

Bonus Call: Retirement Plan

Who doesn’t want to retire earlier than expected? Unfortunately, the reality is that most of us can’t. Is our latest bonus caller Mark one of the lucky ones? Press play to find out!

Bonus Call: When to Use Bonds

You’re saving and saving and saving for retirement. Most of it is in stocks…but what about bonds? Do you need them and what’s the best way to start mixing them in? That’s what we chatted about with Dee from Seattle on the latest bonus call.