Ep. 019 – Life Insurance Made Simple with Yaron Ben-Zvi

Technology has made our financial lives better and simpler. From banking and investing to shopping and planning a vacation, many of our daily necessities are just a click away.

Thanks to Haven Life, you can now add life insurance to the mix. If you’ve ever applied for life insurance coverage, you know that it can be painful. From the multi-page applications to medical exams and records, it used to take weeks, if you were lucky.

Founded by our guest, Yaron Ben-Zvi, Haven Life is leveraging technology in order to disrupt the life insurance process and experience. Mark, our producer here at “Better Off,” recently became a customer and couldn’t believe how easy and painless the process was: “I just calculated how much coverage I needed and was covered in about 20 minutes. No joke!”

Yaron says that the company’s goal is to provide an easier, faster, just plain better way to provide coverage of up to $1 million, by offering:

-Simple online application process
-No medical exam for qualified, healthy applicants
-Easy price and policy comparisons
-An immediate decision with InstantTerm
-Backing of MassMutual, a 160-year-old life insurer
-A plain language no commission policy

Just enter the basics, like gender, age, health condition, city, etc. and you’re on your way. Check out Haven Life’s calculators and see what makes sense for you.


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