BONUS call 020

This week on the BONUS call I had to pick a side. I was either going to side with our caller, Dustin from Minnesota, or his wife. Only in their 30s, these guys are in great shape. They already have a good nest egg going and are able to save a solid amount each year.

BONUS call 019

We love starting them young on Better Off, and that’s certainly the case with Kevin from Maryland, our latest BONUS call.

Ep. 025 – Why Wall Street Matters with William Cohan

Imagine a world without companies like Apple, or media outlets such as CBS or NBC, without all of the cars and trucks crisscrossing the country, without food provided by the farmer…that’s what would happen if Wall Street did not exist…it would all go away, according to this week’s Better Off guest, writer William “Bill” Cohan.

BONUS call 018

You know, life isn’t always as we plan it…it’s not always a simple, straight line.

Ep. 024 – Cybersecurity and Hacking with Kevin Mitnick

It seems everyday there’s a story in the news that involves hacking. Whether it’s a big box retailer, the IRS or Russians hacking the DNC, cyber warfare has become one of the biggest threats in the 21st century and we are all vulnerable.