Ep.65 – The China Hustle

The new documentary film The China Hustle begins amid the depths of the 2008 financial crisis, when we meet protagonist Dan David and a band of Wall Street outsiders.

BONUS call: Can I Retire Early?

The idea of retiring early always sounds amazing, but there’s a big time risk of calling it quits and having to dip into your nest egg too early in the game. That’s the discussion we had with Lee from Germany.




Ep.64 – Workplace Retirement Plans

Most of us have access to retirement plans through our jobs and Americans have more assets than ever in those plans and with the advent of financial technology (fintech), plans have become more robust.

BONUS call: Student Loan Debt

Should you use your emergency reserve to tackle your student loan debt? That’s what Kristin from Florida was wondering on the latest BONUS call.



BONUS call: Roth IRA Conversion

Another week, another BONUS call where we’re once again discussing the benefits of using a Roth retirement vehicle. Today’s question comes from Marshall (and his daughter) in Virginia.


Ep.62 – Thinking in Bets with Annie Duke

Daily life requires numerous decisions. Some easy, some difficult. And some that have to be made without knowing a lot of pertinent information. And what we think is the best decision in the moment, doesn’t necessarily yield the best outcome.

BONUS call: Social Investing

I’ve been taking listener calls for nearly eight years and I think this is the first social investing question we’ve received. How can you make sure you’re not investing in companies that you don’t support, such as gun manufacturers?

BONUS call: 401(k) vs Roth 401(k)

In what is quickly becoming one of the most common questions we get, today we’re discussing the Roth 401(k) option now being offered by many employers. Should you use it if available? Have a finance related question? Go to jillonmoney.com for all the contact info and we’ll arrange to get you on.