Bonus Call: How to Find an Advisor

Finding a financial advisor is never easy. It’s hard to find somebody you feel totally comfortable with, especially when it comes to your finances. That’s what we’re discussing on the latest bonus call with Frances from New England.

Ep.96 – Celebrating Thanksgiving with NerdWallet

I’m admittedly not the biggest fan of holiday shopping. That said, I realize it’s a necessary evil. So if I’m going to do it, I want to be well informed. That’s where today’s guest, Kimberly Palmer, comes into the picture. Kimberly writes about credit cards and personal finance for NerdWallet, the site that helps people make and manage financial decisions by comparing products available from various banks, insurance companies, etc.

Bonus Call: Retirement Plan

Who doesn’t want to retire earlier than expected? Unfortunately, the reality is that most of us can’t. Is our latest bonus caller Mark one of the lucky ones? Press play to find out!

Bonus Call: When to Use Bonds

You’re saving and saving and saving for retirement. Most of it is in stocks…but what about bonds? Do you need them and what’s the best way to start mixing them in? That’s what we chatted about with Dee from Seattle on the latest bonus call.

Bonus Call: What to Do with Old 401(k)

Unless you’re only going to work for one employer, which is exceedingly unlikely, chances are you’re going to have some old retirement plans out there. What should you do with them? Leave where they are? Roll into the new plan? Consolidate? That’s the question from Lisa in New Jersey on the latest bonus call.

Ep.93 – The Fifth Risk with Michael Lewis

If you’re a regular listener, you know this show is not political in nature. We leave that stuff to the so-called experts.

But since next Tuesday is Election Day, we thought we’d talk a little politics with rockstar author and repeat guest, Michael Lewis.